The incredible bicycle image discovered hidden in the Codex Atlanticus folio of Leonardo’s drawings and writings is regarded widely as being done by one of his students, perhaps from a drawing Leonardo had originally made.
There is some controversy as to whether the drawing was even authentic, some think it may have somehow been slipped in at a much later date.
Interestingly, he was drawing bicycle like machines – like a bicycle powered ornithopter, and he had done many drawings of chains and gears – very similar to how a bike would work, so we think he did draw it (and I’m a professional after all…).
It is a testimony to his inventiveness that he designed a bicycle 300 years before anyone was even thinking of self propelled two wheel transport.
This is a great kit for bicycle aficionados, and to inspire you to invent something no one has ever thought up – like a thing that takes one thing and moves it to a different place, but also can generate colourful sounds and help you communicate with people (well, aliens) in a multidimensional universe, while deleting photos that you don’t need anymore. You know…

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