What Else?

Other Projects

We design all our own products here at Pathfinders, but we also design and manufacture products for other companies looking to bring an idea to market.

We have designed a Rubber Band Launcher for Marbles the Brain Store, a wooden car craft kit for the Horizon Group – and we also design and manufacture items for giveaways – such as the Leonardo Bicycle for ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination Emerge festival. Our STEM Hydraulics Maker Set is a collaboration with a Science Center in California, – and other items have been made over the years.

We can create a toy to your specifications and use our partner company Sabmatt in Taiwan for manufacturing, or create it and you can use your own manufacturing.
We normally work in natural wood, but also use die-cut or laser cut plywood. Our factories in Taiwan are family-run, and we use FSC wood (forest stewardship certified) in our products. We care about the people who make our products, and the materials we use, we want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem!

We also create larger models for installations – such as a human sized Ornithopter for the Emerge festival at ASU in 2019 and larger working models of Leonardo da Vinci ideas – which we have made and shipped to Italy for a museum in Rome.

We love STEM materials and are constantly making new items (one to come soon!), and work with companies, science centers and universities to make STEM products for their students and visitors.

Have an idea you want brought to fruition? Contact us – we’re happy to collaborate or help you make that cool item to help you bring programs to life!

Pathfinders designed a cool Rubber Band Launcher for Marbles’ D. I. Wise collection. A fun building kit that shoots rubber bands at targets.

Rubber Band Launcher

Designed for the Horizon Group. A fun set of 3 cars that can be assembled, painted and raced!

Image 2021-10-20 at 10.24 AM

Yup – that’s a working Ornithopter – made for a Leonardo da Vinci event for the Center for Science and Imagination at Arizona State University (Emerge 2019). We also created an invention center where participants could create their own inventions inspired by Leonardo.

IMG_7359 Leonardo Museum Vertical ornithopter PastedGraphic-12

We make kinetic models that people can interact with – these are in Italy.