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Our kits – designed by Derek Wulff – are made of natural, untreated wood, from Forest Stewardship Council (fsc) wood. We like to make innovative products that take time to make, work well, and look cool on the shelf. Yes, they are challenging, but without a challenge, where’s the fun?

We hope you enjoy the kits we have to offer and welcome any questions you may have about them, or suggestions for new ones. (Our Leonardo da Vinci line of kits was in response to a request from the National Gallery in London, England, and our Robotic Arm design was in response to a suggestion at a Science Venture camp meeting at the University of Victoria!)

Enjoy our site, and let us know what you think!

Our Newest Kits!

Ancient Siege Engines – our New Line of Kits!

We are pleased to announce our latest line of kits – Ancient Siege Engines! Drawn from authentic images from the past – these working kits – a Ballista and Catapult, capture the ways in which Ancient Greeks and Romans laid siege to towns and castles during the ancient Macedonian and Roman times. The line also has a great working Trojan Horse from the siege of Troy (ancient texts have many references to the horse, but truth be told we don’t really know if it was fact – or fiction!). The Trojan Horse has a removable top and a working secret side door!

As always our authentic kits are pegged for strength, a great build, and look cool on the shelf when not in use taking over the hamster cage or laying siege to the cookie jar. We have added some Playmobile figures to show scale – but they are not in the kits – sorry (good reason to go visit your favourite local toy store!).
If your local toy store or hobby shop (or museum shop!) doesn’t have them – make sure they call us and we can send them kits for you!



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  • Roman Ballista

  • Roman Catapult

  • Trojan Horse

  • YouTopia

  • Hydraulic Gearbot

  • Hydrapult

  • Medieval Trebuchet

  • Medieval Siege Tower

  • Medieval Catapult

  • STEM Class Pack

  • STEM Hydraulics Maker Set

  • STEM Hydraulics Maker Class Set

  • Robotic Arm

  • Hydraulics 4-in-1 Pack

  • Da Vinci Tank

  • Da Vinci Trebuchet

  • Da Vinci Ornithopter

  • Da Vinci Catapult

  • Da Vinci Helicopter

  • Da Vinci Bridge

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