Mini Leonardo Crossbow

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Product Description

The Giant Crossbow is one of Leonardo’s most epic weapons, and his image of it with a person on top reloading it is incredible. Interestingly it did not launch spears like many smaller hand-held crossbows, but would have launched large rock balls, capable of crashing through walls or knocking down warriors in battle.
Like many of da Vinci’s designs, we don’t know if this was ever made, and it was speculated that the drawing of this enormous machine was used by Leonardo to impress the Dukes of the time to hire him as a military engineer, as it would have certainly impressed them with it’s bigness!
This easy to make mini-Giant Crossbow (yes we get the joke there) uses elastic technology (you should look that up) to launch a small projectile from 5 to 10 feet.
Strike fear in the heart of your ancient warrior Lego people that are lined up conveniently on a shelf, and take control of that important territory!

Product Details

Sug. Retail12.99
Dimension15 x 9 x 5 cm
Age Rating8+
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