STEM Class Pack

Product Description

Perfect for use in STEM and STEAM studies of:
• levers and simple machines
• design and technology units
• engineering and invention units
• fluid studies
• science fair activities
• Engineering Design Process units

We want our students to ask questions and solve problems, apply them to our everyday life, and take the design process from conception to an end product, learning new skills during the process. So we designed a class pack of materials to help enhance those skills!
This STEM kit comes with a teacher information booklet, great lesson plans, ideas, and a 15 page photocopiable student handbook with information about the history of hydraulics machines, and pages of tips and ideas about how to use the parts.

Teachers need only scissors, glue, and cardboard to get their class inventing, designing and building in a great, affordable activity that will be the highlight of any science unit in the above mentioned areas. Built on the premise of a class of 30 students working in pairs (or any combination really), the class pack has enough materials to make at least 15 machines, with an average of 4 hydraulic pistons for each machine. While some classes have more students, and others less, we have created a pack that is flexible for many different situations.
This is where Inquiry becomes Action, and the materials are well suited to schools using the International Baccalaureate programs, and helps link science to society, through a well thought out lesson plan outline.
Since the materials are consumable, the students can take their invention home, show their friends and family, enhancing pride in work, ownership and personalization of their machines, just the thing we want our students to do!

Field tested by Derek Wulff for many years in classrooms (did we mention he is a STEM teacher?), and used in summer science programs ,the class pack is a great set of materials for a culmination project – to take your programs to the next level of challenge!

We have lots of great resources on our .net web site HERE, with pictures of machines students have made – have a look!

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