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Hydraulic Gearbot has arrived!

Yes, the most innovative way to launch a gummy bear acrooss the room has arrived, and recently won the “2016 Toy of the Year” award by Creative Child Magazine. Check out the Nov. 5th Gearbot News – if this is not the most interesting catapult since the invention of the electric slipper then we’ll be the uncle of a primate!

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YouTopia is here!

Just in time for the holidays, we have a brand new kit available, YouTopia! Our engineering team at Pathfinders has been hard at work designing an innovative kit that combines science and art, so that you can use your imagination and practice your hands on skills in this fun, moving diorama. Take a look at the possibilities in the video below!  

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The Gearbot is almost here!

Coming November 15th to add to our hydraulic line is the much anticipated Gearbot! You asked for unusual, quirky machinery that throws things, well, here it is (you did ask for that, right?)! The Gearbot mixes hydraulic power and lever action to create a projectile launching, gear driving, lever moving, propeller turning building kit to engage your brain and use all your fingers! Like all of Pathfinder’s kits, this contraption uses untreated wood from renewable sources. Finally, a catapult that will give you the gears! Check out the video whipped up by one of Pathfinders engineer/rocket surgeons and prepare to…

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